Thank you for your interest in Macquarie Education Group Australia (MEGA). We are committed to providing quality education and learning to students from all over the world.

Students at MEGA benefit from our qualified team of teaching professionals with real-world, best-practice experience in industry and the global business arena, offering world-class standards in English language, Accounting, Business, Marketing and Communication, Information Technology, Travel and Tourism Management, Leadership and Management and Social Media Marketing education.

A MEGA education equips students with English language and vocational skills, knowledge and exposure to current business practices and work experience needed to succeed in our competitive world.

Programs at MEGA are state-of-the-art, comprehensive and of high quality and standard, giving students a solid foundation in business techniques, preparing them for their chosen discipline.

Whatever age and ambitions, I am confident and convinced that MEGA can help our students achieve beyond their goals or dreams.

Your personal development and welfare are important to us. We look forward to meeting with each student, to discuss how we can complement your background and help you achieve your goals.

Henry Liu

Chief Executive Officer / Principal Administrator

Legal practitioner (Law Society Number: 45133)