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Student Services and Support Officers

MEGA has full-time on-campus, Student Services and Support Officers to provide student support services including (but not limited to):

• accommodation
• counselling
• crisis services
• disability support
• fairness and equality issues
• financial matters
• legal issues
• medical and mental health support
• peer mentoring
• programmes promoting social interaction
• religious and spiritual matters
• stress management.

Student Services and Support Officers also coordinate learning and academic support services in consultation with the Academic Manager.

You are welcome to contact or visit our Student Services and Support Officers during business hours:

Address                     Level 9, 225 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Contact number       +61 2 9299 6788
Email address           [email protected]

Academic and Learning Support

You may have concerns with attendance, academic performance or other related issues that place you at risk of not achieving the requirements of your program within the expected duration. If you are at risk of not completing your course on time, MEGA will, accordingly, provide you with ongoing academic support through:

• Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) programs
• course progress intervention and academic support
• scheduled learning and study support sessions
• academic support for students with disability and learning difficulties.

You can access MEGA’s student support services by approaching either the Student Services and Support Officer, Academic Manager or any other staff member. You will receive a Student Concern Form and additional information on how we manage and report any issues of concern or welfare.

All MEGA students have access to our resources and services. We operate under guidelines of fairness and equality, so all students can have access to:

• MEGA’s programs
• services and resources
• Information Technology (IT) centres
• resource centre
• course and learning materials
• academic and administrative staff members
• avenues to lodge and resolve complaints
• student welfare and student support services
• access to personal administrative and academic records.

Students with Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Needs

We identify your LLN needs at all stages of your student experience: pre-enrolment and pre-training assessments, student orientation, and trainer/assessors’ recommendations. MEGA assesses your needs and provides you with a strategy for success. We address your needs through targeted classroom activities and formative assessment over the duration of your program. MEGA may refer students to appropriate English language programs within MEGA or send students to external providers depending on the specific needs of the student. Please see MEGA’s Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) Policy for more details.

MEGA uses the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) as a reference to assess current LLN skill levels.

Life in Sydney

Sydney is famous for its natural beauty and whether your interest is sightseeing, culture or sports it has always many vibrant options to offer.

Sweeping harbour views, attractive and interesting architecture combined with year-round mild weather makes Sydney a great place to visit at any time and makes it home to over 5 million people.

The main attractions are Circular Quay to see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.



• Live with an Australian Family
• Have a home away from home
• Immerge in the Australian culture
• Food provided
• Affordable price
• All around the city

Independent Accomodation

• Shared or independent rooms
• Different prices
• Internet, desk & study area
• Lodges
• Travellers


If you are an international student under the age of 18 you will require guardianship arrangements to allow you to study in Australia. Guardians assist to the student whilst staying in Australia.

nib Health Cover

Medical treatments and medical costs can be very expensive in Australia. When you are applying for an Australian student visa, the government says you must have a valid health cover.  If you need help arranging your OSHC, you can do it through us and get very affordable rates.

Our preferred Health Cover provider is nib. 

Why over 1 million customers trust nib in Australia?

• Over 60 years experience in providing health cover
• Dedicated Customer Service Team
• Easy mobile claiming
• 24 hour Online Services


Counselling services and other external referrals will be arranged if deemed appropriate by the Student Services and Support Officers. There is no fee attached to this welfare support and referral service. Any cost charged by the external services will be paid by the students.

Free Career Workshops

Our workshops assist students to prepare for their career by:

  • Developing a framework to understand student’s personal insight and career goals
  • Identifying their unique set of character strengths
  • Overcoming roadblocks and getting pass the ‘gate keeper’
  • Developing resilience and stress management skills
  • Developing market centric written materials which include cover letters and resumes that provide clarity and purpose and the value students’ offer to their host employer
  • Advanced behavioural interview skills training
  • Customised strategy to “sell oneself” that covers verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Building a social media strategy
  • Developing a local network
  • Culture training
  • Introduction to organisation’s culture

For more information, please make enquiries with our Student Services Officer: [email protected]