“I have been studying at MEGA for 25 weeks (6 months 1 week) and what I like the most in MEGA was paraphrasing contents, writing an essay, doing activities in class, lovely and kind classmates, professional instructors, and many interesting excursion. I really love to paraphrase any news or interesting topics, practicing in writing an essay in an academic style, and practicing in IELTS test (in the field of Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening). I was studying in upper-intermediate and EAP classes, and I had more than one teachers. They were all professional and knowledgeable in teaching skills despite their different teaching styles. In addition, activities in my classes were fun! Furthermore, various type of tests prepared by teachers have been helpful and essential improving my English skill. Studying at MEGA improves my English skill in many areas for example writing skill (from essay and mini-essay), speaking skill (group, individual conversation in class or during the excursions), listening skills (from IELTS test, news, and interesting topics), reading skill (from news content paraphrasing, test, book, and interesting topics in the Internet). After I finish studying at MEGA, I will continue my cookery course in Sydney. I really treasure my study experience at MEGA. It has been a memorable moment in my life. Thank you MEGA for improving my English language skill and giving me an opportunity to discover and learn more about other cultures, I am grateful for everything that MEGA has given me.”

Kantapong Chupakpanich