“I studied in MEGA for 28 weeks (IELTS for 16 weeks and EAP for 12 weeks). I like the students’ events the most at MEGA. MEGA has weekly excursions, BBQs, special events like Halloween, Christmas Party and Harmony Day. We have a lot of opportunities to talk with students from other countries and learn each others’ cultures. It is also be good speaking practice. EAP class is very small compared to other general English classes, however we have more times to talk to each other and teacher. We can get along easily and form deep relationships. These factors make study more fun for me. I like the MEGA study environment the most. My teacher is a very helpful person. When students have any issues, he is always there to give us advice. In addition, he makes our class more fun, he prepared many activities in the class. His personality is my most favorite thing about him. Studying environment in MEGA is suitable to study English. Friendly teachers and small class helped me study a lot. I haven’t been shy in the school, so it was easy to ask many questions. I’ll go back to my home country and keep studying my economics course in the university. However if I have another opportunity, I would to go to an English speaking country again to have more fun experiences, such as working in multicultural places and improving my English language skill more. Studying at MEGA is useful to my career.

Takaaki Koike