12 Signs to recognise the right education institution for you

Deciding to study, work and live overseas is a big step. It can be a little scary but absolutely worth it. The opportunities to employment and pathways to further learning and qualifications it can provide will put you ahead of the career game.

So how do you know if the education institution is right for you? Here are 12 elements to consider when deciding where you are going to study when you move to Australia.

1. Is a recognised brand?

Check out the credentials of the institution and look for information on reputation, accreditation and awards. MEGA is fully accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and quality endorsed by the National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS). MEGA was awarded the ACPET Student Care Award for two consecutive years.

2Reputable learning pathways

Does the institution you are considering offer many reputable pathways to Australian universities, private higher education providers, vocational colleges, high schools and primary schools? There are so many educational opportunities in Australia so choosing a college that gives you access to well-known universities, schools and vocational colleges can be the difference between slowing down or speeding up your career. Over the last 15 years, MEGA has established a long list of smarter pathways for students.

3. Smooth transition courses and education institutions

If you are selecting an education institution based on the ease with which you can transition from that college to the next place you are going to study, you want that transition to be as smooth as possible. Select a place that offers maximum credit exemptions and direct entry into other courses. Due to the quality of MEGA programs and the quality of the graduates that MEGA produces, many of our university pathway partners award maximum credit exemptions to our graduates. These partners include top Australian universities such as the University of Canberra, University of Wollongong, University of Newcastle, University of Tasmania, etc.

4. Smooth application process

You’re already going to be collating a lot of documentation and completing forms and applications as you work your way towards becoming an international student in Australia. Choose an educational institution that makes the enrolment process easy and stress-free.

5. Excellent teaching quality

The standard of a vocational college is usually a good indication of the skill and experience of the teachers and trainers. You want to know the people teaching the course have had real-world experience in the subjects and knowledge they are sharing. MEGA has a qualified team of teaching professionals with that real-world experience and best practice experience across multiple disciplines and industries in the global business arena. Students benefit from interactive face-to-face tutorials and lectures, participate in interesting case studies, and develop analytical skills to broaden their communication and team skills.

6. Centrally located CBD campus and modern learning facilities

If you’re an international student keen to learn about the way of life in a country, basing yourself in a central location where it’s busy and exciting is a great way to assimilate and learn about the culture. Sydney is Australia’s biggest capital city and the MEGA campus location is based in the Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney.

Modern learning facilities are also important. MEGA provides a modern study environment with facilities that include air-conditioned classrooms, computer labs with fast internet connection and multimedia programs, roof terrace and Resource Centre. There are also common rooms with table tennis for students to socialise and relax in, and food and drink vending machines. Students can also access the State Library and City of Sydney Library.

7. Small classes, focused learning and training

When class sizes are small, it allows teachers to focus on the individual needs of learners and better manage the way subjects are taught. At MEGA, every student is valued. Teaching and learning takes place in a supportive, nurturing, student-centred environment with every effort made to cultivate the full potential of each individual. Responding to individual learning styles with a range of teaching strategies provides the most satisfying experience for all.

8. Friendly student services

It’s not easy coming to a new country to live and study. It’s important that educational institutions provide more than just academic support. Assistance with accommodation, cultural education and assimilation, social interaction and personal development allows for a successful and well-rounded study experience.

The multilingual staff at MEGA are highly experienced in proving students with advice across all aspects of student life in Sydney, such as homesickness, stress or study problems.

9. Diversity

Some of your greatest teachers and trainers will be the people you meet in life. That’s why educational institution with a diverse mix of students with varying backgrounds can add to a rich, all-encompassing learning experience. MEGA are committed to providing quality education and learning to students from all over the world. We have students from South America, Europe and Asia. It’s this diverse mix of students that makes for such a supportive and exciting environment.

10. Interactive social events

Having a strong social circle cultivates confidence in other aspects of a student’s life – academically, professional or personally. It’s important for an educational institution to provide plenty of opportunities to participate in social and cultural activities.

MEGA’s Kangaroo Club provides fun and exciting group excursions for students in order to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. With Kangaroo Club excursions, students have the opportunity to visit and experience Sydney icons and attractions, like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and also get actively involved in team sports.

11. Job placement assistance

A vocational college that has strong ties to exciting and growing companies within the business world can provide exciting opportunities to students looking to gain employment during or after study. Look for an educational institution that offer job placement services and workshops to assist students in job search strategy and efficiency.

MEGA offers its students paid and unpaid internship referral services. MEGA’s Career Workshops help students gain personal insight into their career goals, identify their character strengths, develop resilience and focuses on skills such as interview training that will assist them in the recruitment process.

12. Affordability

It’s a big commitment and financial undertaking to move to a different country to live, work and play. That’s why you should look for educational institutions that provide affordable course fees with huge overall savings. MEGA course fees are always competitively priced. For special offers, please contact our International Relations Team for more information.