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At Macquarie Education Group Australia (“MEGA”), we understand that our people are the essence of the firm and crucial to our business. That’s why we work hard to attract the right people – people who are not only intelligent, commercially minded and results focused but who are also warm, personable, relate well to other and who have a strong team spirit.

Once we attract the right people we commit to investing in them and their future. We focus on development, not just in terms of technical skills but across the range of skills required to successfully progress in your career.

Furthermore, through a career with MEGA you will experience the feeling of working for a firm united by a common goal and of being able to make a difference through your personal contribution.

There’s a saying we like – “if you can find a job you love you will never work another day in your life”. I hope that in choosing MEGA you will find that job.

“While MEGA is growing at a rate of knots, the culture is still that of a smaller firm – it’s friendly, you really feel like part of the firm and that your opinion matters and above all it hasn’t lost its sense of FUN.”

The MEGA Values

One firm-One Goal

MEGA’s concern with unity is reflected in the consensus decision making style throughout MEGA. Although there is a structure in place, it is to facilitate effective business operations, not to impose rigid restrictions. Therefore, we regularly receive comments about MEGA’s inclusive culture and the absence of division between teaching staff and support staff, and management and support staffs which are so apparent in many schools.

Implement – Improve – Innovate

At MEGA, we aim to be always moving forward and constantly improving. A firm is only as good as the people in it, so we see it as important to invest in developing and improving our people in order to achieve our objectives. We value contributions from employees at all levels and encourage our employees to constantly be asking themselves — What can I contribute?

We have system in place to make sure that ongoing improvement occurs at company level through to department groups and individual level. On an annual basis, we have our firm strategic planning process that’s conducted by the Senior Management Committee. The objectives formulated by the Senior Management Committee are then passed down to each department group, which formulates their own strategies to achieve the objective within set period. Our review process has a competency based feedback component and a development plan which assist in moving our employees forward in their skills, and careers.

Challenge ideas, don’t criticise people

All team members are encouraged to debate issues and add value, focusing on the issues at hand as opposed to the person.

Anticipate market needs

We conduct regular market surveys to assess students satisfaction with issues such as responsiveness, value added services, etc. We also regularly participate in industry meetings organised by English Australia, NEAS and ASQA to ensure we are conversant with the issues affecting our business and focus on providing value added services.

Communicate Openly and Regularly

When talking to people who work at MEGA one of the aspects they most value is the inclusive culture. This is intrinsic to so many aspects of work life from office layout to Management accessibility and regular communication between all team members. Culturally, the firm is regarded as unique — with an egalitarian, non-hierarchical approach.

We have several communication channels to ensure that all employees have both the strategic and operational information they require to effectively operate as part of the firm.

Respect the Firm – Respect the People

All employees work hard to ensure that MEGA is an environment where all are respected for their contributions.

Social Responsibility

At MEGA, we strong believes in the deal that successful organisations support the communities in which they operate. As such we have a long history of involvement in charities, such as the City2Surf Fun Run.

Your options with us

Individuals are important to us. We are looking not only for the skills you can bring to our firm but also your passion, personality and ambition. Naturally, a solid academic record is a great starting point for potential recruits, however this is not the only thing we look for.

We need people who can communicate clearly and effectively, are confident and able to show initiative.

We want people who share our passion for growth and success, while having fun. To attract and motivate high performing people we offer many benefits which will help you grow with us, both personally and professionally.

We will equip you with the practical and professional skills you need for a successful and dynamic career. Our global structure and diversity of areas offers you exceptional professional and personal career opportunities.

MEGA is a young dynamic firm. MEGA has grown over the last 15 years. With over 60 staff, our workplace in Sydney is as large or larger, than our other competitors

To ensure our people have superior industry and teaching knowledge and experience, they have been recruited from a wide talent pool. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional workplace culture. We also aim to be an employer of choice, offering our staff genuine flexible work arrangements.

We look for people who are:

  • academically strong
  • commercially astute
  • good communicators
  • prepared to work hard
  • respectful to each other and our clients
  • eager to accept responsbility
  • team players, and
  • can demonstrate balanced interests (eg art, sports community involvement)

Ultimately your success is up to you, but we will do our best to provide the conditions which will help you grow and thrive.

Start with a difference

We encourage individual development and growth through learning opportunities. We offer progression through well defined career development frameworks. Your ongoing training and professional development is a high priority to MEGA. To support you in this, we conduct training programs and encourage external conference attendance.

What we offer

We recognise the importance of growing our people’s leadership skills and giving voice to everyone’s views. Our work culture and environment offers people at every level in our firm the opportunity to participate in how our business is run.

When you love what you do, it shows. We choose staff who are passionate about what they do. We also want to work with people who are fun, who have fun and who understand how to balance work and play.

To allow us to achieve our personal and professional best, we embrace a whole range of flexible work practices. This allows us to pursue our other passions too.

We host regular social functions and get-together. These are organised by our eager staff members!

MEGA Staff Christmas Party

Doltone House – Hyde Park

Welcome to join our MEGA family!