The Student Visa and Working Holiday Visa allows you to put  your new skills to the test and work. You can create extra income for yourself, and gain valuable vocational experience which will help your career or further learning pathway opportunities.

A Student Visa allows you to work 40 hours per fortnight during the teaching terms and full-time during the school holidays. MEGA’s vocational course holidays normally coincide with the tourist season, giving you the best chance to meet people, find employment, and to use your growing English language and vocational skills in the real world.

As part of Working Holiday Visa, you can work for a maximum of six months with one employer before changing to another employer for the remaining six months, and are allowed to study for 17 weeks. MEGA’s Working Holiday Package assists with job placement in hotels, restaurants and other industries.

Australia has a low unemployment rate of 5.1% (as at 20 December 2018) and Sydney is a hub for hospitality, tourism, and retail employment. Online work platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer and Airtasker gives you flexible work options as well as the opportunity to earn money while studying. You can search for jobs via online employment sites such as, check local newspaper and local social media pages.