MEGA English Placement Test

Information & Instructions

Section 1: Grammar (40 questions)

Section 2: Reading (20 questions)

Section 3: Writing

Section 4: Speaking

Sections 1, 2 and 3: Grammar, Reading and Writing

Please click the start button at the bottom of this page to start the English Placement Test. You have 90 minutes to complete the test: 40 minutes for grammar, 20 minutes for Reading and 30 minutes for Writing. Try to write as much as you can for the writing section.

You must not use a dictionary during the test.

Section 4: Speaking

Please choose one of the 2 options and record yourself speaking for 1-2 minutes: 

  • Introduce yourself and tell us about a time in your life when you felt happy.
  • Introduce yourself and tell us about your life goals.


1. Take the test online by clicking the link below.
2. Record a short video or audio file of 1-2 minutes for your speaking component (can be recorded by a mobile device).
3. Send the video or audio to [email protected] with name and contact details.
4. We will send you a letter with your English level.