There are plenty of public transport options in Sydney, which is constantly growing and evolving.

Sydney has a modern public transport system including trains, light rail, buses an ferries. MEGA is a short walk from the bus stops and train stations. Sydney uses a cashless system call the Opal Card for using public transport. You can find out more information at the NSW Opal Card website.

There are also plenty of taxis and ride share options although they are more expensive than buses, trains and ferries.

If you hold a current driver’s licence in your home country, you might be able to drive in Australia without sitting for any further driving tests. But remember that many state and territory governments require you to get an Australian driver’s licence if you are here for more than three months. Your licence requirements, and any driving restrictions, are managed by the state or territory government where you are living. Visit the relevant state or territory government website or go to to find out more.