“I have been attending school for about one year and four months. From what I have been able to observe how the school works at different times of the year. I am very grateful to my teachers: Karen, Taulama, Wenjia and Rei who not only helped me in this process of acquiring a new language, but also gave their best during this time.

I am a teacher of profession with several years of experience. so I can say that the best thing that the school has is the quality of professionals that are in it. As a teacher, it is inevitable for me to evaluate the quality of classes that they deliver and without a doubt I was able to verify that they are very well-trained people in the area they perform. They use different methodologies to teach, motivate and respect their students creating a warm atmosphere that promotes learning in each of the classes.

On the other hand, regarding online classes in recent months, theses certainly exceeded my expectations. Despite how exhausting it is to spend many hours in front of a screen, the teacher always used the resource in the best possible way, making the classes challenging and motivating.”

Anyela Tarifeno from Chile

English Language Programs (ELementary to Upper-Intermediate level) & IELTS Preparation (Upper-Intermediate)