My name is Banu Cidamal and I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. When I was a child my parents moved to Switzerland and I grew up there. I like traveling very much and I like to learn new languages. As a Turkish-Swiss I already speak Turkish and German. I decided to come to Australia to learn English, to get to know new people from all over the world and open my mind for new experiences. I think Australia is beautiful and I’m really enjoying my time in Sydney.

When I arrived in Sydney I was looking for an English school with a very good reputation. I had a look at several websites. I decided to go to Macquarie Education Group Australia because my cousin had studied here and was very satisfied. She recommended the school to me. And I also had a good impression from their website.

I enrolled in the Intermediate course at MEGA. My teachers are really nice and helpful. They are highly educated and helped me to improve my English very quickly. At MEGA I also met a lot of people from all over the world. I not learn only English I also learn lots about different cultures and countries as well, which is very interesting for me. I’ve made some really good friends here.

Me and my friends often join the school’s excursion programme on Fridays. We have already seen a lot of the exciting and interesting places in Sydney and learned much about Australia.

I hope to graduate from my intermediate course soon, so that I can go up a further level of English at MEGA. I really thank my teachers and all the staff at MEGA for all their help.

Banu Cidamal