“After consultations with several school advisers and agents about many different schools, I believed that MEGA was the one that I could rely on for my study overseas. Besides, I trusted that MEGA staff members and trainers are not only professional but also, patient with each international student. I see everyone of school staff is passionate about their responsibilities at MEGA. In my course, Marketing and Communications, I like my trainers Sukesh, Sutida and Shaffy, who are always willing to answer my questions whenever I raised a question about my study. They always listened to all the students and tried their best to help us. I feel lucky that I’ve been with them as an international student here in Australia. And I now feel confident and better prepared to tackle the marketing industry.

I have great unforgettable memories here in MEGA, with my classmates from many different countries and thank my trainers, Sukesh, Sutida and Shaffy for their sincere effort in delivering their lectures, assistance and advice. Besides cultural exchanges with my friends at MEGA made my overseas study here so special. I’m looking forward to my new career and beginning a new chapter in my life after studying here at MEGA in Sydney, Australia.”

Chace Nam